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Robert Serry Plan
Processing three small-sized concrete bases, equipped with the same components and steps as used in building bases for houses in the Gaza Strip. The bases have been converted into a heavy stamp that simulates the laws of Robert Serry, the UN special
* 20 cm length* 20 cm width * height of 23 cm / 3 pieces

Louis Vuitton Tent
Installable camping tent for trips, coated with modified carving of the pattern of the global company for luxury bags "Louis Vuitton", containing pillows, Ahmadi carpet, and a seasonal fruit bowl. The tent is one of the tents that have been distribut
220 cm length *200 cm width * 155 cm height

Ramadan Sofa
A 4-person- public seat, consists of a concrete truss from the rubble of Ramadan family's house which was targeted by warplanes.
210 cm length* 40 cm width * 65 cm height
The seat is suspended on a metal structure and solid wheels, upholstered and coated with sponge and artificial fur.

Holy Career
Coating the reconstruction tools with gold, where workers keep and check it daily hoping to hear good news regarding entry of cement to start the reconstruction of destroyed houses.
Hammer: 35 cm x 11 cm x 3 cm, Trowel: 30 cm x 12 cm x 13 cm, Nails: 10 cm * 0.5 cm.
Building tools (a hammer, a trowel, and nails) covered with 12 karat gold

Garden of Targeted people / Decoding the iron puzzle
Chairs made of recycled and processed iron coated with sponge and premium leather, and a round metal table made of construction iron skewers covered by thick glass. Chairs and table placed on a carpet of artificial turf. Such pieces of furniture are
Chair: 60 cm x 55 cm x 90 cm high, Table: 55 cm x 55 cm x 45 cm high.

The Precious 20 cm Stone
20 cm building stone coated with crystals similar as to diamonds inside a glass box on a black display window. The building stone in the bombed houses is sold for a higher price than normal because of the lack of cement for manufacturing new stones.
Stone: 40 cm length * 20 cm width * 20 cm height Display Window and glass: 130 cm high * 60 cm length 42 cm width

Eviction Throne
Personal chair consists of a concrete and iron block, which is part of a building shelled in the war. The chair is suspended on a movable base metal, coated with sponge and artificial fur.
60 cm length* 60 cm width * 95 cm height

Brief Abstract
Through this research, I present a concept of discovering hope and both virtual and physical comfort through the formation of solid objects from the remains of destroyed houses, during the last three wars, and convert these non-useful objects into usable, comfortable, and long lasting furniture items.  The formation process is done by adding comfort and luxury materials, such as sponge, premium leather, or fur, chrome pillars and wheels, or adding crystals, and other outputs.

The scene requires a pause at the obstruction of reconstructing homes and entire neighbourhoods which were destroyed completely or partially due to the war, to be presented in the form of an art project summarizing those scenes.
There is a chance to reveal the recklessness and excessive policy of collective punishment imposed by the occupier against civilians through improvisation in the creation of laws reflected in the behaviour and reactions of the people who are determined to remain and scarify.
The development of artistic expression and research methods requires giving more attention to this issue, which I believe needs urgent work in order to present it in a brilliant and interactive way.

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