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Museum of Manufactured Response to Absence

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By: Ala Younis - 2012

Historically, the State of Kuwait was exceptionally receptive to large waves of Palestinian immigration due to its support for the Pan-Arab movement and its adoption of the Palestinian cause. Palestinians first arrived in Kuwait as visitors involved in educational missions around the time that oil was discovered in the Burgan Field in 1938. As a result of the 1948 and 1967 wars, more Palestinians settled there, and by 1990 Palestinians in Kuwait numbered 400,000. As Kuwait's development plans were set into motion, Palestinians found themselves players in the golden era of the construction of the Kuwaiti nation. Prior to the age of armed struggle, Palestinians in Kuwait strove to persist in an environment striding steadily towards progress and change while expectantly awaiting the materialization of a state of their own.

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متحف أدوات ترد الغياب 

بقلم الفنانة والقّيمة - الاء يونس

عززت فلسطين مشاريع الوحدة والتعاون العربي في تزامن مع مشاريع النهضة والحداثة التي فجرتها تحولات شكل العالم العربي في النصف الثاني من القرن العشرين...
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